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The Call


cooperation-iconThe aim of the Program “Cooperation 2011” is to enhance collaboration between the country’s businesses and research bodies through common implementation of research and technological projects fostering green development, competitiveness and outward orientation of Greek businesses and improving Greek citizens' quality of life.

Furthermore, it aims at strengthening and upgrading the skills of the research workforce, and at establishing international cooperation through networking and collaboration with entities from European and other countries.
The Program is targeting domestic partnerships among productive-commercial businesses of all sizes, research centers, institutes, Higher Educational Institutes (ΑΕΙ), technological, public and other bodies for the implementation of R&D projects in specific manufacturing and services sectors. It should be pointed out though that businesses and research bodies are the key beneficiaries, whereas the rest -with a few exceptions-  will participate as technology/services/products end users.

The aid rate (public expenditure) at project level will reach a maximum of 80% of the total budget of each project/draft, and the rest of the cost will be covered by own contribution (a minimum of 20% coming from beneficiaries' own resources and mainly from businesses).

What is funded:
In particular, the bodies (partnerships between businesses and research-technological bodies) are funded for actions mentioned below:

A) Research & Development Actions, including (i) actions regarding the main objective of the project and (ii) experimental development/display of new technologies. Eligible categories of expenditure are as follows:
- Personnel costs
- Costs for instruments and equipment
- Costs for building
- Costs related to the purchase of technology/know-how
- Cost of contractual research (carried out by natural and legal persons)
- Additional costs
- Costs of consumables.

B) Technical feasibility studies.

C) Industrial property rights for SMEs and research bodies.

D) Promotion and dissemination activities, participation in international conferences, fairs, as well as networking activities at national and international level.

Download this file (SYNERGASIA 2011_PROKHRYXH_EN_.pdf)Procurement[ ]293 Kb